Have you been doing the same exercises in the same order every week for an eternity? Maybe it's time to press the refresh button on your fitness routine.
A few years back, I wrote a regular column for a newspaper that involved a fitness assessment on a reader and giving feedback on their performance. Most of ...continue reading
I recently overheard a trainer telling his client to maintain a straight back during an exercise. This brought up and old gripe of mine.
Now listen up and listen very well: if you want a straight back I suggest you get fitted for a straightjacket. You'd literally be crazy.
We've all seen a skeleton in our time. ...continue reading
If you're not performing the full-range of movement in an exercise, maybe you need to lighten the load.
Last year, I joined my local gym. Let's just say it was a meat-head gym. Being a meat- head at the time, it met my needs perfectly.
One thing puzzled me at my meat-head gym: the dumbbell rack. The ...continue reading
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